Fetac Level 4 Course

  • River Barrow camp site, 2 day river trip

    River Barrow camp site, 2 day river trip

  • Learning to climb in Dalkey Quarry

    Learning to climb in Dalkey Quarry

  • Learning mountain skills in a wintry Wicklow Mountains

    Learning mountain skills in a wintry Wicklow Mountains


Fetac Level 4 Award

Our Fetac level 4 course runs in parallel with  the school year and is suited to people aged over 16 yrs. It has a heavy focus on adventure sports with kayaking, climbing, mountain skills and sailing forming the major part of the programme. The course is designed with unconventional learners in mind, we have 4 days outdoors, learning practical skills and just 1 day in class on academic modules.

Our courses is an excellent route into a level 5 FETAC course or an apprenticeship with FÁS so is ideal for anyone who hasn’t completed the leaving cert but wants to further their education or training. A level 4 fetac major award is also a minimum requirement for entry to many forms of employment.

This course is designed and highly suited to early school leavers, those who have had problems engaging with the regular education system and anyone going back to education after a long absence. All our tutors have years of experience working with young people in residential care, crime diversion projects, clients of drug rehabilitation services and youth groups generally.
The development of learners personal and interpersonal skills as well as emotional intelligence is a key objective of this education and training programme. Opportunities to develop these skills are facilitated by our tutors and arise through every module.
The core skills that students typically develop include: · taking initiative · taking responsibility for one’s own learning and progress · problem solving · applying theoretical knowledge in practical contexts · being numerate and literate · having information and communication technology skills · sourcing and organising information effectively · listening effectively · communicating orally and in writing · working effectively in group situations · understanding health and safety issues · reflecting on and evaluating quality of own learning and achievement – team working – leadership.

Practical modules

There are 4 practical modules, climbing, kayaking, orienteering & mountain skills and sailing. As course providers we are responsible for the design of the learning programme and chose these practical modules because they are challenging, fun and exciting.
From our experience we have found that these practical modules appeal to young people and learners engage with them and achieve positive outcomes over the course duration.We believe that the duration, content and method of delivery of our learning programme should enable the learners to reach the standard as described in the modules and achieve success.


Rockclimbing D10041

Competently climb simple rock climbs
Belay and abseil safely
Use a range of rock climbing equipment with confidence
Use a climbing wall safely and with confidence.

Kayak Skills D10039

To successfully complete this module learners must;
Master a range of standard kayaking strokes
Perform a range of kayaking rescues
Kayak with control and manoeuvrability on Grade II rivers
Understand river features and dangers and the importance of effective communication when kayaking on a river
Appreciate the environment in which kayaking takes place

Orienteering D10040 

Learners who complete this module will
Develop key orienteering skills
Develop knowledge of the sport of orienteering in Ireland, its structures and events
Enter and complete simple orienteering courses at public orienteering events.
(As part of this module official Mountaineering Ireland Mountain skills training will be run for capable participants)

Dinghy Sailing D10026

To successfully complete this modules students will:
Develop the sailing skills required to rig, de-rig and control a dinghy in light winds Take responsibility for their personal safety when going afloat
Understand elementary sailing theory

Academic Modules

Our academic modules are carefully chosen because we feel that they are appropriate to the type of learners we typically have and have the most potential to facilitate personal growth. 
We also find that all our students are capable of success at this level with a little initiative and effort even if sometimes they might require extra learning support from our tutors.

Communications G10001

This module has been developed to cater for a wide range of participants in vocational education and training.
It is designed to enhance communicative ability and confidence, so that learners will be able to communicate effectively in both professional and personal life.

Personal Effectiveness G10033 

This module offers the learner the opportunity to develop a range of key generic personal and interpersonal skills which are important in dealing with many situations in working and social life.
It encourages the learner to reflect on their own attitudes and life, and promotes skills and understanding which are useful for dealing with a variety of situations in the home, workplace and society.

Work Experience W10008 

Work experience is a planned experiential learning activity and is an integral part of the education process. It allows learners to learn from ongoing, meaningful and active involvement in a chosen work environment.
It involves learners preparing and planning for work, working under supervision outside the learning centre, reviewing and evaluating that work.
This experience enables learners to develop personal, interpersonal and work skills and to explore work aptitudes and opportunities.

Information Technology B10135

The purpose of this module is to provide learners with an understanding of the computer and its environment.
It covers basic terminology associated with computer hardware and software. It provides practical experience in data entry skills, word processing, file management and the use of the Internet.