Rock climbing

  • Abseiling from a martello tower

    Abseiling from a martello tower

  • Sea cliff climbing, the Burren, Co Clare

    Sea cliff climbing, the Burren, Co Clare

  • Abseil from tower in Ballymun

    Abseil from tower in Ballymun

Rock climbing is an activity in which participants climb up or across natural rock  formations or artificial indoor climbing walls

Climbing is a physically and mentally demanding sport, one that often tests a climber’s strength, endurance, agility and balance along with mental control.

However, like all adventure sports it can be dangerous and knowledge of proper safety techniques and usage of specialized equipment is crucial for the safe completion of climbs.

Our instructors are all climbers who have been qualified by Mountaineering Ireland and have been teaching rock climbing for years.

We have a blemish free safety record and promise that whatever level course you take with us, from beginner to instructor training, you will have a fun, challenging and informative experience.

If you are in the West of the Country try our friends at Unique Ascent

On our 1 day introduction to rock course participants will learn core rock climbing skills whilst enjoying maximum climbing mileage.

The course will be based outside with all the climbing action taking place on real rock – weather permitting.

You don’t have to have any previous experience of rock climbing although being fit and active would be an advantage.

On the day we strive to develop a solid foundation in core rock climbing techniques, whilst climbing a variety of single pitch rock climbs at a level to suit you.

You will receive individualized coaching to develop and improve rock climbing movement skills.

We will teach you how to put on and adjust a harness and tie the climbing rope into the harness.

You will develop the skills necessary to belay using a belay plate in both a bottom and top rope situation

We also cover abseiling using belay plate or figure of 8

You will also gain some basic rope skills e.g. tying clove hitch, re threaded figure of 8, coiling a rope.

Cost €75

A perfect follow on from our introduction to rock Course, our Sunday rock group is ideal for any candidate looking to increase their skills and confidence. If you only ever climbed indoors or have already gained some outdoor climbing experience, our improver course aims to help you become competent at seconding single pitch climbs and becoming a self sufficient top rope climber.

To get the most out of this course, you should already be competent belaying and top-roping, and have previously gained some outdoor or indoor climbing experience.

 The course programme is flexible and the instructors will choose each day’s content to suit the weather conditions and participants.

Our Sunday Rock Group is geared towards helping you progress to self sufficiency safely and may include,

belaying, communication and rope work, seconding and removing leader placed protection, rigging safe top and bottom rope systems, safe abseil skills, guidebooks and route selection, problem avoidance and of course plenty of climbing!

The course mostly runs in Dalkey quarry but will visit other climbing venues from time to time

Cost €35 per person

Learn to Lead

This course is designed to give people the ability to lead their first rock climbing routs safely and competently. Over the 2 days you will learn the skills required to lead climb and the confidence to use those skills.

What we cover

The course syllabus covers movement skills, selection and use of anchors, placing protection, rope work, belay construction, route grading and use of guide books. These courses are very flexible, move at the pace of the students and may cover some techniques more than others, depending on ability levels.

Requirements to do this course

Before taking this course students must be competent at seconding routes and should have an understanding of correct belaying technique

Cost – €200

Ratio – 2:1

The Single Pitch Award (SPA) is for those who wish to supervise a group on single pitch crags and climbing walls.

The training and assessment covers such skills as choice of venue, rope management, correct use of equipment, group management, emergency procedures, crag etiquette, access and conservation.

In order to attend this training course you need to have been climbing for a minimum of 12 months and have a keen interest in the supervision of novices. You must be a member of Mountaineering Ireland  and registered with BOS Single Pitch Award Scheme. In addition to this you should have led 15 outdoor routes of any grade, using leader placed protection

Cost €190

For more information on single pitch award see Mountaineering Ireland’s SPA page