Hill walking

  • Mountain Skills training

    Mountain Skills training

  • Lough Ouler, Co Wicklow

    Lough Ouler, Co Wicklow

  • Introduction to scrambling, Wales.

    Introduction to scrambling, Wales.

  • ML ropework training

    ML ropework training

Whether you want to walk through peaceful, unspoiled mountains and forest or you’d rather scramble up exposed rocky ridges the Irish mountainous regions have everything on offer. The towering peaks of Kerry and the surrounding mountains are riddled with technical scrambling and mountaineering challenges whilst Wicklow’s  beautiful lakes and rolling hills  provide a tranquil setting for more relaxing walks and rambles.

On our hill walking and mountaineering courses our highly skilled instructors help you gain all the skills, techniques and, most of all, the confidence you need to travel further in the hills under your own steam.

So whatever you’re looking for, from an amazing camping expedition, a modern well run navigation course or a relaxing day strolling through the  hills of Wicklow you’re sure to find just the thing at Outdoor Adventure Ireland

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The Mountain Skills syllabus is administered by Mountaineering Ireland and is an introductory course and qualification that demonstrates your own personal ability in the Irish and UK mountains.

 Is it for you?

The MS training scheme is for hill walkers. The course provides all the basic skills required to walk safely and competently in Ireland, when accompanied by people of similar ability. It is suitable for near beginners to those with considerable experience. Topics covered include route planning, equipment, map-reading, navigation techniques, movement on steep ground and coping with emergencies. Typically the training is divided into two weekends, MS1 and MS2, each run over a two day period.  After this there is an optional Assessment

What we Cover?

Mountain Skills training is divided into three blocks, MS1, MS2 and MS assessment. MS1 and MS2 are the basic training blocks covering all aspects of hillwalking that the candidate will require to become a self-sufficient hill user.

MS1: This course includes map-reading and simple navigation techniques, recognition of natural features, distance measurement and timing of walks. Mountain hazards are also covered, as is personal equipment such as correct clothing and emergency equipment.

MS2: This course builds on MS1. It covers the use of a compass, route-planning and the preparation of route cards, night navigation, scrambling, mountain rescue and emergency procedures.

MS1 and MS2 are generally run over two-day periods and comprise a mixture of indoor informal lectures/discussions but mostly outdoor practical sessions.

Cost : MS1 €120, MS2 €140

Outdoor Adventure Ireland’s ML training course is based around the BOS Mountain Leader syllabus and the particular needs of candidates. In particular we will look at the practical skills and techniques required when leading groups hill walking and camping in the mountains of Ireland and the UK  including aspects of navigation, group management, supervision on steep ground, risk assessment and emergency use of the rope. Consideration of the weather, mountain rescue, the environment and other related topics will also be covered.
The majority of the course is practically based, however, some is of a theoretical nature. At times you may find yourself outdoors in adverse weather and you should be prepared for this. There will be an overnight camp and night navigation exercise. You must be registered on the Mountain Leader scheme with BOS prior to attending this course and have the required experience.


Mountain Leader Part 1  €180. Ratio 4:1. runs over 2 days, and includes night sessions

Mountain Leader Part 2  €200. Ratio 1:4  is a 3 day course, and includes an overnight mountain camp.

To register you must:

Be at least 20 years old (younger candidates can go through training and assessment but will not be granted their Award until they are 20)
Be a current member of Mountaineering Ireland
Have passed their Mountain Skills Assessment
Have a current first aid qualification relevant to the mountain environment
Have passed mountain skills assessment

Unsure of the best places to walk, the safest routes or want a quiet walk away from the crowds?
Limited time to plan a route on a short break, or as part of a longer holiday or tour?
Uncertain of your route-finding skills or want to leave yourself free to enjoy the scenery?
Why not let Outdoor Adventure Ireland organize a walk for your group?
Our instructors guide groups everywhere from the stunning seascapes of the Dingle Peninsula to the mountains and lakes of the Wicklow Way. Choose from a one day guided hike or a multi day trip in Ireland combining overnight stays at a hostel or camp site with some of the best scenery in the world.

Navigation Training Courses

Here at Outdoor Adventure Ireland we have developed brilliant navigation course over our many years working in the mountains. We provide an innovative, relaxed and fun approach to developing your navigational skills. Our courses are structured, enjoyable training events, open to everyone.

Never more than 6 clients per instructor – sometimes less! Carefully designed to offer a structured, progressive learning experience. No matter what your level of experience, our professional instructors can meet your needs

Our courses cover

Understanding  maps – and be able to interpret them
How to use a compass
How to understand where you are on the map
What to do if the mist comes down
Planing  your own walks
The ability to look after yourself in the mountains
Avoid getting lost again

€50 per day

Minimum 3 students