Integrating slideshow functionality into WordPress is a highly required feature for almost any theme, but how hard is it to include and how flexible is it? In this tutorial we are going to, in different ways, include one of the most popular and used jQuery slideshows, Nivo Slider.

There is, actually, already a coded WordPress plugin for the Nivo Slider, right on the official Nivo Slider page. But we are going to build one in this tutorial anyway, and we are most definitely going to do it differently. In this tutorial we are going to create a Nivo slider plugin that will have widget functionality, short code functionality and you will even be able to integrate it as a simple function call and hard-code it into your theme where ever the user wishes.

By following this tutorial, it is implied that you are running an Apache and MySQL server locally or remotely in order to be able to install WordPress. Also, that you have a 3.1+ version of WordPress installed that you have access to its file system, and that you have basic PHP, CSS, JavaScript and HTML knowledge.